Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Junk Woes

The Blog | Bill Maher: Drug War Allowed To Get In The Way of Terror War | The Huffington Post:

". . . But I noticed in the recent drug survey - the same one that said baby boomers were getting high while their children say 'no' - about 6 percent of people said they had used marijuana in the past month. About 4 percent of people surveyed said they had used methamphetamine. 2.6 percent said they had abused prescription drugs. Just about 1 percent said they had used cocaine.

Heroin? Only 0.1 percent used heroin.

So why worry so much about the opium crop in Afghanistan when Americans don't really have a heroin problem? We're sacrificing the war on terror in the vain hope of one day helping Courtney Love kick her smack habit?"

Defense Tech: Area 51: Hype vs. Reality

Defense Tech: Area 51: Hype vs. Reality: "Area 51: Hype vs. Reality
In the October Popular Science, veteran aviation journo Bill Sweetman writes about secret airplanes he believes might be under development at the Air Force's remote Groom Lake test facility in Nevada, a.k.a. Area 51. Sweetman describes three demonstrators unveiled in recent years -- the Northrop Grumman Tacit Blue and Boeing Bird of Prey manned stealth planes and the Lockheed Martin Polecat drone -- but insists these are just consolation prizes offered up by a military that is keeping its major black airplane programs under wraps.
Not that he has a ton of proof. 'Hint[s]' and guesswork, mostly. The new construction at Groom Lake must mean something, he figures. And then there are those 'obvious... significant gaps in the military’s known aviation arsenal -- gaps that the Pentagon can reasonably be assumed to be actively, if quietly, trying to fill . . .'"